March 17, 2023

We receive a lot of questions about which products we will be offering in the future, so I thought I’d take a moment to elaborate on our plans.  While our goal is to not be a Walmart or Hobby Lobby and offer everything under the sun, we do plan to carry several lines of products and to continue to expand.  Right now, our general plans are to offer adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, sublimation ink and supplies, along with our e-Learning offerings.  I’ll elaborate on some details below.

1. Vinyl – Our flagship adhesive vinyl is of course ORACAL 651™.  We will offer all 62 gloss colors as well as 18 matte colors for a total of 80.  At launch these will be available in 12″ x 12″ and 12″ x 24″ sheets with plans to add more sizes as we grow but cannot predict a date for those to be available.  We will be adding ORACAL 631 soon, probably within a few weeks if things continue at the current pace along with 851.  We do plan to add some more specialty type films but will see how those opportunities evolve based on demand and priorities.

2. Heat Transfer Vinyl – We are still working to determine our path forward with HTV products but like adhesive vinyl will launch with mainline colors/products and add more with glitter HTV coming first then other specialty type films/products.  We believe we will be ready to make a decision and announcement regarding our HTV offerings in the coming days.

3. Sublimation – As you are aware we currently offer our brand of Premium ink and supplies, branded as dpiSub. We are going to offer blanks (the first batch is on order) as well as more to come.  We are also working on some unique offerings in this area. 

4. Courses – The current Inkscape course is the start of several more to come.  The next course will Advanced Inkscape with plans for other mainstream applications such as Photoshop, Canva, Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, and more.  Some courses will be free, some will be paid.  Paid courses can either be purchased or accessed via subscription.  What other applications will we be doing courses on?  Time will tell but like products, much of it will be based on demand and timing.  Remember, for me to teach a course, I must learn and know the software so if for example, someone would like a course on Procreate or Affinity Designer, I must learn those applications first in addition to there being enough demand for the course. 

5. Blanks – We will be carrying a certain number of blank products, some of those are on order now for sublimation and we will be adding more for sublimation and some for vinyl/HTV.  At this point we do not plan to offer apparel, but we will see how things evolve over time.

6. Printables – We do plan to carry both inkjet printable adhesive vinyl and heat transfer sheets as well as sublimation printable products.  We hope to have these available in the next few weeks.

7. Tools & Accessories – We will be offering a line of tools and accessories such as the weeding pen, squeegees, scrapers, and more.  Those are being sourced and evaluated now so hopefully will be available in a few weeks or less. 

8. Equipment – Cutting machines, printers, heat presses and other equipment is an area we are not likely to offer, at least not directly.  We will be offering a certain amount of equipment that will be drop-shipped from the manufacturer.  For cutters and printers, we can make recommendations and will suggest retail or online purchases. 

9. Other products – To a degree our business is going to evolve and lead its own direction.  We will feed the business whatever it needs if it works for the business, us, and our customers.  However, we will be trying to stay focused on certain areas and not branching out into things we aren’t passionate about.  We’re not here to just sell products, we want to sell products we care about that will impact your hobby or small businesses in a positive way.  While we are making very efficient use of our space it is somewhat limited so choosing the right offerings is important to maximize use of our warehouse. 

Finally, I have had quite a few people suggest/ask about us offering StarCraft products so while I like to avoid rumors and drama, I feel I need to address this question and will do so with a short statement.  Previously, I was a founding partner of StarCraft and headed up the product design, testing, and market branding for most everything until my departure in November 2020.  I have since sold my ownership shares and we will not be offering the StarCraft brand of products.