March 19, 2023

Today was the first day I have taken off after 47 days straight and working some 650 hours in that time. What did I do with my time off? I worked of course. Not really, I parked my rear on the sofa the entire day and I don’t think I stood on my feet more than five or six times. BUT, while I was parked there I did work on some things on my laptop, which is honestly my idea of a “day off.” Don’t fret, this was easy stuff that I hardly had to even think about while I was working on it.

I used to have a site called where I housed some free SVG design files and elements and I had also made them available at my former company. These SVG files and elements are mostly from my private collection that I had created over the years and are free for download and mostly ok for personal or commercial use (there’s a link on the pages to the license policy). You will find these files under the drop-down menu at the top of our website or by clicking here. We will be adding to these soon with more free files as well as some paid designs.

Note: I have not had time to test all of the files so if you find any that have scaling/sizing issues or anything looks awry, please let us know so we can fix it.