This Giveaway is over, winners are listed below.

The Prizes

The Winners
1. Ronda Gearhart (Belleville, OH)
2. Tammy Pottinger (Louisville, KY)
3. Brandy Bates (Waverly, OH)
4. Brandy Carmichael (Lovelock, NV)
5. Tristin Hayes (Clinton Township, MI)

We are giving away FIVE sublimation kits with the following contents:
1. Epson Eco-Tank 2400 Printer.
2. Full set of dpiSub Premium Sublimation ink.
3. Pack of 100 sheets dpiSub sublimation paper.
4. Roll of sublimation dpiSub heat tape.
5. One year subscription to our Master Crafter subscription plan (see for benefit details.
6. Sample blanks to get you started.


1. Your shipping address must be located within the United States.
2. You must have a free account registered on and have the TroyTube mobile app installed and logged in. Please be sure to use your real name and complete your profile which includes uploading a profile picture!!
3. Join all three of our FaceBook Groups:
4. Make sure you have a profile picture and your name on your TroyTube profile, follow this link:
5. One entry per person for the entire giveaway, entering more than once will not increase your chances of winning.
6. Once winners claim their prize they agree to allow their name, city, and state to be shared on social media and provide a picture of themselves with their prizes once they are received that will also be used for promotional purposes on social media and in advertisements.

Time/Date of Giveaways

The printers will be awarded on random days starting on Friday, March 31, 2023. Winners will be notified by private message on the TroyTube mobile app. Winners will have 72 hours to claim their prize. If prizes are not claimed, a new drawing will be held.