April 12, 2023

Fort Myers, Florida

BulkVinyl.com has released ThermoFlex® Plus heat transfer vinyl, now available in 12″ x 12″ as well as 12″ x 24″ Sheets.  The initial release contains 35 bright and vibrant colors with that selection approximately doubling in the coming days and weeks as more inventory arrives and is stocked.

President and CEO Troy Young states, “This is just the beginning for our offerings of heat transfer vinyl solutions.”  Young says ThermoFlex® Plus became his preferred choice having evaluated many products and determining the soft matte finish was some of the best he had ever worked with in the industry.  “ThermoFlex® Plus applies at 320-330°F for 15 seconds and medium pressure.  Like most mainline HTV, with the additional heat requirement you have to be careful applying to heat sensitive materials such as tri-blends with Rayon, but in the next couple days we will also offer ThermoFlex® Turbo which is a thinner, softer, and lower time/temp application HTV which applies at 270°F for just a five second press time.”

ThermoFlex® Plus is the industry’s leading heat transfer vinyl and is known for its exceptional durability and soft texture. When applied correctly, it outlasts the garment it’s pressed onto, making it a popular choice among professionals. With many vibrant colors to choose from, ThermoFlex® Plus is a versatile and customizable option for any project. Its clear, pressure-sensitive carrier makes cutting and weeding a breeze. This HTV is flexible and can be layered in most colors.

BulkVinyl.com is an ORAFOL® Authorized Reseller, Specialty Materials® and Poli-Tape® distributor, and a distributor for dpiSub™ products, their own brand of sublimation ink and supplies. Customers can order from the website and have their products shipped to them, or if they are local to Fort Myers, they can pick up their orders at their office. Troy’s YouTube channel (TroyTube) along with Facebook Groups and their own online community at TroyTube.net are essential parts of their marketing efforts. By providing a mobile app on iOS and Android platforms, customers are able to effectively engage and learn together on their platform.

For more information about Bulk Vinyl and its products, visit their website at bulkvinyl.com.