If you use an inkjet printer, and even more specifically, you are a crafter using Epson Eco-Tank printer for sublimation and having problems with it drying up and clogging, we have a solution for you. So many printers fail to print because they simply are not used enough. It’s like an ink pen–if you don’t use it, it dries up.

Many printers today have a feature that allows you to send an email attachment to print and this allow us to use that capability to prevent your printer from drying up and clogging. If your printer can accept an attachment via email using EpsonConnect or something similar (most brands have a similar service) you can keep your printer in working order.

By having a free account on TroyTube.net you can schedule a test page with minimal ink usable to print on a schedule once a week to keep your printer in working condition.

Create your free account today and set up your scheduled test. Here’s the video.