I wanted to take a step back and revisit where many began their crafting journey and discuss Adhesive Vinyl 101: The Basics. I think many crafters progress along a “timeline” so to speak and move from one craft method to the next and never return. I’m guilty of that myself to a degree but I also try to keep my skills sharp on all disciplines over time. Many of us started our journey doing personalization and decoration of items from Dollar Tree or other places and I think we often forget how easy it is to buy something from the dollar store, add a little vinyl and you quickly and inexpensively have a gift, something to sell, or maybe just a little something for yourself. We started out selling items on Facebook yard sale pages in our local area and did quite well at it. Other people having small retail stores or flea market booths, Etsy shops, full websites, and many more. The sales channels are plentiful, you just have to find the right one for you.

Along with the act of using adhesive vinyl like ORACAL 651, we also often forget specifics such as technical information, how best to apply it, how long it lasts, and more. There are probably more technical specifics about vinyl and other craft products than most people care about, but being an engineer, it’s part of what keeps my interest. Those technical specifics carry over to the actual use of the product in many cases so when you understand those specifics, it can enhance your ability to leverage the product’s capabilities.

Check out this video on adhesive vinyl and there’s even more learning over at TroyTube.net

Adhesive Vinyl 101: The Basics