There are many options for transfer tape, but some are much better than others. We use it to transfer a design from one medium to another while keeping all the separate elements in place, such as with a vinyl decal or design. While some people use shelf liner, painter’s tape, and other solutions, the best option is high quality real transfer tape. Some people end up using these alternative solutions because of the higher price of Cricut product and others they find in retail. However, real transfer tape is not that expensive compared to these less than desirable solutions.

One of the big issues with alternate solutions is the potential for a gummy residue to be left behind on the vinyl after removing the tape. We have not only observed this with shelf liner but also with cheap products from Amazon and also with Cricut transfer tape. We had a customer contact us once because they made 1,000 decals for a church fundraiser and used shelf liner. She wanted to know how to remove the residue and unfortunately from our experience it is not easy to remove. For this situation there was more effort in doing so than to just remake the decals with the best transfer tape we have to offer.

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