We have added 10-packs of 8.5″ x 11″ permanent adhesive inkjet printable vinyl and both Matte and Glossy ORAGUARD 210 UV Laminate to our selection.

ORAJET 1917 inkjet printable vinyl is sometimes called “Printable 651” because it uses a clear solvent-based permanent adhesive.  This matte finish vinyl is great for use in standard consumer grade inkjet printers.

We package this product and allow it to flatten as much as possible after we sheet it from the roll.  If the product may have a slight curl to it when you receive it or after storage depending on environmental conditions.  If this happens simply place the vinyl between a couple books for an hour or so to flatten it prior to printing.  Do not use too much weight to flatten as this can activate the adhesive on your ORAJET 1917 inkjet printable vinyl.

This material is much thicker than copy paper so some printers that feed from a paper tray may have issues feeding it.  We recommend use in a printer with a rear gravity feed paper tray.  Some printers with paper trays also have a manual rear gravity feed system, so check your printer model’s manufacturer website or manual to see if your printer has this feature. If applying gloss laminate to ORAJET 1917 and performing print-then-cut with a Cricut machine you may have to apply dull Scotch tape over the registration marks in order for the Cricut machine to read them due to the glossy appearance of the film.  You will also need to increase pressure or set the machine to cut 2-3 times, we recommend test cuts on a spare sheet to determine the best setting for your machine and blade as they can all be a bit different, even with the same model.

We recommend ORAGUARD 210 UV Laminate to protect your ORAJET 1917 inkjet printable vinyl printed image if it is going to be handled or exposed to any environmental conditions.  Life if this product may be drastically reduced if used outdoors, on cars, etc.

Recommended paper type selection when printing is Presentation Paper Matte or similar.  If banding (horizontal lines) appear in print you may have to test different paper type selections for your individual printer.

  • Great for DIY hobbyists and crafters needing to print adhesive backed patterns, photographs, artwork, maps, tags, labels, and simple signage from a desktop printer.
  • 5.5mil thick
  • 83# Silicone coated paper release liner
  • Permanent, Clear, solvent polyacrylate adhesive
  • Available in white with a matte surface
  • Works with
    • Water-based inkjet printing, dye, oil-based
    • Latex
    • Solvent
    • Eco-Solvent, thermal inkjet and pigmented inks