Inkjet printers will usually dry up and require cleanings if they are not used for a short period of time. If your printer has the ability to accept and email to print, this FREE utility should help stop your printer from clogging. Many inkjet printers from different manufacturers have the ability to accept an email sent to a special email address to print. For example, if someone emailed a PDF file to me, I could then forward that email to my printer from any device to print the file rather than having to download it first then email it from my computer. Many models of Epson printers can usually be set up for EpsonConnect to provide this functionality and other manufactures have a similar service. If your printer, regardless of brand, can accept an email to print you should be able to use this utility regardless of brand or whether the printer is being used for regular printing or sublimation printing.

You will want to keep regular copy paper in your printer for this purpose and set your paper type settings on the printer appropriately so it’s ready to print. This video shows how to set up EpsonConnect, if you have a different brand then you’ll have to set that up and make sure you can send an email to it and that it works. If you cannot send an email to your printer from your email address and make it work, don’t bother attempting to set up the utility until you have resolved that issue. It also shows you how to set up the utility on the website and schedule the test print job. Don’t forget to calculate the time for your time zone. The time on the website is based on U.S. Eastern Time. Below is a chart for most US Time Zones.

Central Time: -1 Hour
Mountain Time: -2 Hours
Pacific Time: -3 Hours

If you are not in one of the three time zone above, you can visit Time.Gov for more Time Zone information.

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