With so many people wanting to switch to our dpiSub Premium Sublimation Ink without the expense of purchasing a new printer we decided it was time to develop a best practice method.  Our official stance on mixing inks has been that you should not do it and if you have a printer with sublimation ink in it already, it is best to replace the printer with a new unit and start fresh with new ink. 

Our testing shows that mixing our dpiSub Premium Sublimation Ink with another brand is that it improves the print quality of the other brand and slightly degrades the optimal print quality of dpiSub ink until the ink is used and refilled until it’s completely diluted and flushed from the system.  As you continue to refill the tanks and mix the ink over time, print quality will continue to improve.  However, until the ink is mixed with a particular brand it is difficult to predict outcomes.

The video below demonstrates two things:

  • The first part of the video shows a printer with a brand of ink known to have over saturated magenta images as well as blacks that come out brown instead of black.  We basically mixed our ink 50/50 and show the result of each color mix one at a time.
  • The second part demonstrates how to drain the ink from an Epson Eco-Tank printer and replace the ink.  In the video we replaced the ink with regular Epson inkjet ink to be used for normal printing but it’s the same process to replace the sublimation ink.