In the past craft hobbyists and small business owners who wanted to add sublimation to their offerings had to usually choose between a significant investment in commercial equipment, ink, and supplies, or purchase a consumer-grade Epson printer and add a low quality ink to “convert” the printer. The word “convert” is generally a misleading term today as it simply means rather than using the water-based ink that comes with the printer the user sets it to the side and fills the printer with sublimation ink, instead. Until now the choices for which ink to use were mostly limited to lower grade inks imported into the United States. In most cases the ink cause various issues such as clogs and drop-outs due to multiple issues including but not limited to:

Contaminants – Labs in foreign lands usually do not have proper filtration systems and clean rooms. Additionally they often expose the ink and the chemicals to produce the ink to open air which allows dust and other contaminants to get into the ink.

Incorrect Viscosity – Epson consumer grade Eco-Tank printers use piezo print heads that run at a specific frequency that’s even different from the commercial Epson sublimation printers. In order to minimize the risk of clogs and drop-outs, the ink must be the correct viscosity. Most sublimation ink sold for Epson printers is simply an unknown formula of unknown origin and other details that is put into bottles to make it easy to install into an Eco-Tank printer.

Premium sublimation ink from dpiSub is manufactured in a high quality lab with proper filtration systems and clean rooms where it undergoes substantial quality control testing to ensure the viscosity and other aspects of the formulation are within tolerance to minimize the risk of issues. Not only is the dpiSub Premium Sublimation ink the best ink made specifically for Epson Eco-Tank printer, it is manufactured here in the United States to ensure color quality and consistency. Our goal with dpiSub was to bring affordable and dependable production quality sublimation to the craft hobby and small business market at a fraction of the price of commercial solutions. Premium sublimation ink from dpiSub delivers this exact goal.

Each bottle containss a full 140ml of ink as opposed to others offering as little as 70ml. Available exclusively at, each bottle is available individually for $19.99 or you can purchase a full set for a discounted price of $74.99 which is currently on sale for $69.99 at the time of this article (March 2023). Other ink offerings appear to be less cost to start until you pull back the veil to reveal smaller bottles of low quality ink and when you calculate the price per milliliter you will often find only one to two cents difference for dpiSub Premium ink over the lower grade inks. Many of those offerings also do not consider replenishment costs for inks that do not offer single color choices so to replenish a single color you are forced to purchase another entire set of ink, not something most people think about at the time of purchase.

What if I already have ink in my printer?

If you have another brand of ink in your printer and would like to change to dpiSub Premium Sublimation Ink, click here.

Click here to shop dpiSub Premium Sublimation Ink or watch Troy’s very informative product launch video below.